Friday, 17 October 2014

Shots in box: Premier League

Based around a similarity to zone entries, let's look at shots in the box:
  • Surprise, surprise: Chelsea and Man City are dominant.  I keep hearing that City 'haven't clicked into gear' and suchlike; any underlying number suggests otherwise, they're just not scoring 5s and 6s... yet.
  • Man Utd, Arsenal & Tottenham are all suffering here.  None are creating loads of shots in the box and what they are creating, they're shipping at a similar rate.  It's average stuff so far.
  • Leicester, Hull, QPR & Villa all look pretty bad here; Burnley can cling to some small hope: there are teams performing far worse than they are.
  • Sunderland have a poor attack and a good defense
  • Newcastle just need to keep doing what they're doing and catch a break.  They lead the league in 6 yard box chances (16, next best is 11)
  • Liverpool are fine. With this metric stripping out most of Mario, they score pretty well.
  • Southampton give away nothing.
  • West Ham have gone from terrible (2013/14) to very promising (2014/15). If they keep this up, Allardyce will deserve any praise he gets.
Thanks for looking in.

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