Friday, 30 September 2016

Yannick Bolasie--Early Report Card

Oh hey.

Back where it all began, on the old blog!

Quick post here just to tell a brief tale from the stats and wonder why other people aren't doing the same type of thing? Here in 2016, you might think you need advanced data and snazzy xG and sure, it's great if you've got all that and want to do advanced analysis, but let's not forget, you will be just fine armed with a theory, a website full of stats and an interest. And a cheapo blog page.

Get inspired, give it a whirl. Tons of stories to tell around a variety of leagues.

So what's today's story?

Early days, and Yannick Bolasie has now featured in six Everton games and played 460 odd minutes, a small sample for sure, but how is he getting on? Eyecatching assists against Sunderland and Middlesbrough gave the impression the answer to that question is "well", but is it?

Cursory look at the early numbers and we have a small uptick in a couple of areas, mainly overall shot contribution. Could it be that he's playing for a better team now that creates more? Would that be enough to move the needle here? Probably. He isn't getting shots in the box, a mark that has clearly reduced, which could be tactical or just bad decision making, and his dribble rates look broadly par with his time at Palace.

I guess it's kinda fine. But is it £30m fine?

At risk of stating the bleeding obvious, the likelihood in purchasing Bolasie is that Everton got exactly the same player Palace had, and so far, that looks the case.

Lotta money for moderate contributions...